At Southland Paving, Inc., one of our primary goals is to be more environmentally conscience, efficient and productive in a way where we minimize our carbon footprint whenever possible.

Although much of what we do in the construction industry has an impact on the environment, through careful planning and value engineering, we can adhere to our moral obligation to do our part in protecting our planet.

We do this by:

  • Keeping a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, minimizing emissions and ensuring that the strictest interpretation of the California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.) requirements have been met and exceeded where possible.
  • Using recycled materials in paving and pavement rehabilitation projects whenever possible.
  • Reclamation of existing onsite materials are utilized in lieu of hauling any new materials to or from the jobsite, ensuring minimal carbon emissions and promoting the most efficient methods – the ultimate form of recycling.
  • Using electronic methods for takeoffs, bid documentation and plan distribution, as well as electronic transmittal and correspondence with subcontractors and suppliers, moving towards a paperless operation.

All of these practices lead to maximized production which ultimately translates into a better profit for our customers and a safer environment for our communities.


client list

  • City of Escondido
  • City of San Marcos
  • City of Chula Vista
  • Zoological Society of San Diego
  • See Full Client List


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