Over 30 years ago, Southland Paving, Inc. first began serving the construction industry of San Diego County simply as a seal coating and striping contractor. Southland soon partnered with a local trucking company which rented out paving machines for projects in neighboring towns, and quickly found their road to success.

Fast-forward 34 years, and you’ll find that Southland is still family-owned and operated. What’s changed, however, is that through much hard work and by dramatically diversifying our capabilities and offerings, Southland has become one of the most unsurpassed general engineering contractors in the region. Today, we’re so much more than just a paving contractor: we’re a full-service, multi-faceted leader in our industry anchored by a motivated team who ensure its continued success.

Our team of talented professionals consists of friendly and dedicated long-time foremen, superintendents, estimators, project managers and administrators who go the extra mile to thoroughly assess each project and its associated risks. We pride ourselves in maximizing the overall quality and value for our customers while minimizing costs.

The bottom line: we help our customers protect and enhance their bottom lines.

By treating an impressive list of longstanding clients with integrity and respect, and a work ethic that clearly illustrates the value we place on their specific project needs, we in turn have earned the respect and trust of the construction industry in Southern California. We are a humble group of professionals, committed to delivering quality work and customer satisfaction.

We’re members of the community we serve and always have been. As such, we take special pride in building infrastructure projects that benefit those we care about most: our clients.


environmentally sound

Read about Southland's efforts to minimize our footprint while maintaining efficiency and production.


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