Our high hazard industry has its potential for risks, and Southland Paving, Inc., is committed to preventing them.

Jobsite safety is one of our primary concerns, which is why we take a proactive stance in creating safer work environments by requiring all of our employees and in many instances, subcontractors, to actively participate in a safety regimen that includes:

  • A thorough and well-documented internal Safety Program managed and enforced by our in-house Project Safety Manager
  • A 10-hour California O.S.H.A. safety certification class
  • Certification and intimate knowledge of CPR & First Aid
  • Daily jobsite “Tool Box” safety meetings in which each day’s safety practices are reviewed
  • Job Safety Analysis Reports written for higher risk projects

Southland is 100% committed to the prevention and reduction of personal injuries, occupational illnesses and damage to equipment and property in all of its operations; to the protection of the general public whenever it comes in contact with the Company’s work; and to the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.

Not only have the above practices helped us maintain our reputation for being a “zero incident company.” They have also led to positive bottom line results, as clients realize lower overall construction costs when there is a reduction in lost work time, absenteeism, workers compensation claims, health care costs and turnover rates.


environmentally sound

Read about Southland's efforts to minimize our footprint while maintaining efficiency and production.


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